Magento 2 Integrations

If you want to integrate your CRM, PIM, ERP system or any other platform with Magento 2, you're in the right place: we can help you connect your platforms and make them work together in a synergistic way, optimising your processes and increasing your productivity.

External system integrations are a fundamental step for companies that want to automate their processes and improve overall efficiency: they allow you to synchronise data between different sources, avoid human errors, reduce operating costs and offer a better experience to your clients.

Thanks to our experience in integrating different platforms, we can guarantee perfect interoperability between your systems and Magento 2, we are able to create integrations tailored to your specific needs, following best practices and quality standards.

Among the various services we offer, the most important and well-known ones are:

  • PIM integrations like Akeneo or Pimcore: allow you to centrally manage all information about your products, from various attributes to images, descriptions, prices and much more; in this way, you can have an always updated and coherent catalog on all your sales channels.

  • Headless Progressive Web Apps (PWA) front-ends: allow you to create a modern, fast and responsive user interface that adapts to any device and offers smooth and intuitive navigation; by doing so you can offer your customers a superior shopping experience and increase your conversions.

  • Custom integrations with CRM, ERP, management or other software already present in the company: they allow you to connect Magento 2 with your existing systems, to exchange data in real time and automate workflows; you will be able to efficiently manage all aspects of your business, from logistics to accounting, from marketing to customer service.

If you want to know more about our integration services or request a free quote, contact us now. We will be happy to listen to your needs and offer you the best solution for your business.

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