Magento 2 B2B Projects

Magento 2 is a leading e-commerce platform that offers innovative and customizable solutions for wholesale and business-to-business (B2B) companies.

Thanks to its additional packages, Magento 2 allows you to create an optimal online shopping experience for B2B customers, offering advanced features such as:

  • Company Account Management: Magento 2 allows you to create and manage multiple accounts for B2B customers, assigning different roles and permissions to various team members: companies can control who can place orders, approve quotes, view prices and access account information.
  • Reserved access for customers: Magento 2 allows you to protect your online store with a password or two-factor authentication, ensuring the security of sensitive data and customer privacy; Magento 2 also offers the possibility to create personalised landing pages for registered customers, showing them dedicated offers and promotions.
  • Custom catalogs and price lists specific to customer or customer group:Magento 2 allows you to segment B2B customers according to different criteria, such as geographical location, purchase volume, type of industry or level of loyalty: this way companies can offer B2B customers customised catalogs and prices, based on their needs and preferences.
  • B2B Transaction Management: Magento 2 facilitates the buying process for B2B customers, offering features like request for quotes, price negotiation, quick order via SKU code or CSV file, pay by credit or invoice, tracking of orders and shipments

Magento 2 is a scalable and flexible e-commerce platform, which adapts to the specific needs of the B2B business and its modular architecture allows you to customize the online store efficiently and without causing system interruptions.

Magento 2 is also integrable with different systems such as CRM, ERP, PIM or payment systems and is the ideal solution for companies that want to create a successful B2B online store, offering their customers a simple, fast and secure online shopping experience.

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