Adobe Commerce Projects
Adobe Commerce Projects

Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce are two closely related ecommerce platforms.
Initially, Magento was an independent company developing the Magento 2 ecommerce platform.
However, in 2018, Adobe acquired Magento and rebranded the platform to Adobe Commerce. Listed below are some of the key differences between Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce:

  • Branding: Magento 2 was known as Magento, while Adobe Commerce is the new name of the platform after the acquisition by Adobe. This rebranding reflects Adobe ownership and their commitment to the e-commerce industry.
  • Additional Features: Adobe Commerce includes advanced features over Magento 2. Adobe has integrated its marketing and personalization solutions to offer a more complete suite of tools for online sellers.
  • Integration with the Adobe ecosystem: With the acquisition by Adobe, Adobe Commerce can better integrate with other Adobe solutions, such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Target. This enables a more cohesive and synergistic e-commerce experience for customers who also use other Adobe solutions.
  • Support and Services: Adobe Commerce offers a broader level of support and services than Magento 2. Adobe Commerce users can benefit from Adobe's customer support and better access to training, consulting, and implementation resources.
  • Platform Improvements: Adobe Commerce has implemented several improvements and optimizations over Magento 2, including improved performance, better security, and better user interface.
  • Price: Due to differences in features and support, Adobe Commerce tends to be more expensive than Magento 2. However, prices may vary based on your specific business needs and contract negotiations with Adobe.

Other considerations are also important, such as the size and needs of your business, available budgets, and familiarity with the platform. If you are considering which solution to choose, it is advisable to carefully examine the specific characteristics of both platforms and compare them with the needs of your business.

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