Storeden Projects
Storeden Projects

What is Storeden?

Storeden is a SaaS (Software As A Service), a platform for building your own online shop. SaaS solutions are very popular in several countries. Storeden's courageous choice should be appreciated because it is placed on the Italian market, which is more reluctant to understand these solutions, even due to the more modest dimensions of the online market in Italy. Storeden is built entirely in Italian, although there is an English version built for the English market.

Who is Storeden aimed at?

Storeden is a platform designed for merchants who want to deal with online sales using a tool that is easy to implement, easily modified, easily integrated with third-party software, easily connected with their own warehouse management and with business management tools. Setting up your own online shop with Storeden is very easy and in no time you can have a complete eCommerce with advanced features. It's a solution designed to be online immediately, to test your project, to understand how your sales idea can be placed in a market that is becoming more and more competitive every day.

Create and customize your shop graphics

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Storeden allows you to achieve high graphical results with minimal effort. Customizing the graphic design of your ecommerce has never been faster. Choose the best graphic template for your eCommerce so that it fits your tastes and needs, add all the content that you consider essential for your customers and for your online business and start selling online right away!

Online Inventory Management with Storeden

Storeden allows you to manage your entire ecommerce product catalog completely and independently via a control panel: you can update your inventory, upload product images and descriptions, set prices. Storeden is the platform you need to create and manage your ecommerce!

Order Management and Shipping for ecommerce

Are you looking for the ideal system to manage your ecommerce orders? Our order management service allows you to monitor every stage of the sale: from orders just placed, to those in preparation, up to orders processed. Without forgetting the invoicing part, shipment tracking and returns management.

Integrated marketing tools

Storeden is purpose-built to help you grow and boost your sales with report analytics, tracking codes, and marketing tools. Use reporting to see store performance, sales by channel, and average receipt. Increase conversions with the marketing tools available.

Choose from the many integrated payment systems

Storeden is the only ecommerce solution that comes with a natively integrated and free payment system: TeamSystem Pay. In addition, you will also have at your disposal other online payment systems among the most used and secure to support your business: offer your customers the best solutions on the market today.

Storeden security and updates

We manage your hosting, safeguard user safety and take care of keeping the platform up to date so that you can dedicate yourself entirely to sales and your customers.

TIDYCODE is an official Storeden Partner. Visit the Partnerships page to get to know all our partners.

Do you want to sell online?

TIDYCODE is the ideal agency to create your e-commerce with Storeden and get your online business off the ground.

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