Scuderi Store
Scuderi Store

Scuderi store: B2C e-commerce with Adobe Commerce and Vue Storefront

Scuderi store is an online multi-brand clothing store that offers a curated selection of luxury products, from clothing to accessories, from the best international brands and to satisfy your desire for style and quality with a simple click, without sacrificing comfort and elegance.

Leveraging our technical expertise, we have created a flawless browsing experience for Scuderi. In addition to speed and intimacy, we offer complete outfits and looks created by specialists to find products that perfectly match users' preferences.

The technology choice: Adobe Commerce + Vue Storefront

Adobe Commerce was chosen for the flexibility of content management and the flexibility of the product catalog supported by Vue Storefront to make everything leaner and faster, reducing loading times visible to the user.


Integration with external systems is an essential element for an ecommerce and for Scuderi we have integrated Atelier and Accelasearch

Atelier by Zucchetti

ATELIER is the continuous evolution of a WEB solution and an ERP software, fully integrated and totally dedicated to FASHION. It includes many tools integrated into a single centralized platform, highly standardized because it is consolidated on hundreds of realities.
Our goal was to integrate it with Adobe Commerce to keep inventory and products in sync.



Accelasearch gives eCommerce companies granular control over the discoverability, prioritization and personalization of their products. Search is the most interactive part of user behavior, that's why Accelasearch allows you to track accurate information that helps identify the risks and opportunities related to a specific business.


Other peculiarities


Outfit management

We have created personalized lists of outfits, divided by gender with the possibility of filtering by style, allowing you to see an outfit and add it to your cart.


Management of looks

Store assistants can create looks by combining various products according to their taste.
For the products included in them, the various looks available are displayed, helping the user to combine other products with the chosen one.


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