Prezzemolo & Vitale
Prezzemolo & Vitale

Prezzemolo & Vitale: B2C e-commerce with Adobe Commerce

Created from a simple neighborhood grocery store, the brand has grown and renewed itself with new services and products that still retain an authentic taste today.

We have made our technical knowledge available to accompany Prezzemolo & Vitale in their growth and constant innovation, to pursue their long-standing goal: to transform the love for authentic traditional flavors and aromas into an experience for their clients.

The technology choice: Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce was chosen for the flexibility of content management and the flexibility of the product catalogue, in fact there are shop views for each area, to which you are redirected based on the zip code entered in the practical selector.


The possibility of choosing whether to have your shopping delivered to your home or whether to pick it up in one of the many shops has been introduced

In addition, shopping has been made quick and simple, for this reason a selector for the quantity or weight of products has been implemented at each point of the site, which allows you to shop in just a few steps:


assign order

Picking and receipt generation

Once the user has completed the order, it is assigned to a shop by an operator


Once the latter has been assigned, it will appear in a dedicated Android application, through which the operator can go and fulfill the customer's order.

This application allows you to add, remove and modify the customer's order. This can be done directly from the application, by entering the product codes or by scanning them

Finally, when the order is closed, a barcode is generated which, by scanning it at the till, automatically generates the receipt, avoiding the operator having to re-enter all the shopping again.


Custom checkout

The checkout has been integrated with a storelocator and with the management of the delivery ranges of the goods


Configurable management configurable per shop directly from the back office by the various operators.


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