Freeshop is an emerging company in the sector of the online sale of electronic products. The goal was the creation of a new ecommerce website using the Adobe Commerce platform (Magento 2), with a focus on SEO and site performance.

The main challenge for FreeShop Italia was to ensure that the new website maintained a good SEO ranking and ensured optimal performance. They were also looking for specific solutions and integrations to be in line with the latest European regulations and provide their customers with the best online shopping services on the market.

E-Commerce features and info


  • Using Hyva theme: We have implemented Hyva theme which is known for its excellent performance and SEO optimization. This theme offers a performing frontend that improves the user experience and contributes to a better ranking on search engines.
  • Accelasearch Search Engine Integration: We have integrated Accelasearch, a powerful search engine that delivers fast and accurate search results. This improves the customer search experience on the site and helps convert visits into sales.
  • Reviews Integration with Feedaty: We've integrated the Feedaty reviews system to allow customers to leave feedback about their shopping experiences. This not only provides confidence to potential buyers, but also contributes to FreeShop Italia's reputation online.
  • Compliance with the Omnibus directive: We have ensured that the FreeShop Italia website complies with the Omnibus directives for displaying the lowest price applied to each product in the previous 30 days, for total transparency and protection of customer users. Measures for monitoring and recording price changes have been implemented.
  • Price comparators: We have integrated the FreeShop Italia website with some price comparators, such as Google Shopping and Trovaprezzi. This allows FreeShop Italia to reach a wider audience and increase the visibility of their products online.
  • Integration with the management system: We have integrated the FreeShop Italia management system with the new website, allowing efficient management of orders, stocks and product information.
  • Integration with the PIM: We have integrated the PIM (Product Informatio Manager). The PIM allows you to centralize and manage all product information in an agile way. The integration allows you to easily update descriptions, images and other information, ensuring consistency and accuracy on the ecommerce site. The built-in PIM software is Pimcore.
  • Integration with Flixmedia: We have integrated Flixmedia, a product enrichment solution, which allows you to provide customers with detailed and multimedia information about your products. This integration improves the shopping experience and helps drive sales.
  • Tracking systems: We have implemented tracking systems to monitor website performance, user behavior and conversions. This information allows FreeShop Italia to optimize marketing strategies and improve the overall performance of the site.
  • Shopcall: Shopcall is an innovative system for customer care and customer assistance, its main feature is that it not only provides a live chat for communication between customer and merchant, but also offers a video call remote assistance system with sharing of the integrated screen. This allows Freeshop Italia to offer immediate support to customers during the purchasing process. This improved customer support functionality contributes to higher customer satisfaction and higher sales conversion.

Metodi di pagamento

  • Credit card with Stripe - Stripe official module and customizations
  • Payment by installments with Agos Ducato - module by Tidycode
  • Amazon Pay - extension of the official module to implement the express checkout with Hyvà theme
  • Payment by installments with Scalapay - official module
  • Payment by PayPal - official module

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