Hyvä Projects
Hyvä Projects

What is Hyva?

CCreated by Willem Wigman, Hyvä is an innovative Magento 2 theming technology alternative to the standard Magento one. Hyvä totally renews the basic frontend of Magento 2 allowing you to obtain performances clearly superior to those offered by a theme based on Luma.

Why does Hyvä offer high performance?

The high performance offered by Hyvä depends on the technology stack it was built with which greatly improves page loading times.

Instead of the RequireJS, jQuery, KnockoutJS JavaScript libraries used in Luma, Hyvä uses the modernAlpineJS JavaScript framework. With AlpineJS, the amount of JavaScript present on the page is significantly reduced, as well as the number of network requests per page.

In Hyvä, the page is also significantly lightened from the point of view of CSS. In fact, Hyvä uses the CSS Tailwind CSS framework, which allows to decrease the weight of the CSS present in the frontend by more than 90%.

What benefits are obtained with Hyvä?

The first advantage deriving from the use of Hyvä therefore concerns the possibility of creating particularly fast online stores.

If with Luma it is difficult to achieve high scores in Google speed tests, with Hyvä it is instead possible to easily obtain high Google PageSpeed ​​scores for both the desktop and mobile versions.

The performance of a site is a particularly relevant aspect as it has a significant impact on search engine rankings and conversions.

Since site speed is an important ranking factor, optimizing page load times has a positive effect on Google rankings.

High-performing sites, while offering a better user experience, also experience lower abandonment rates than low-performing sites. With one result: the speed of the site also positively affects the conversion rate.

Simplified maintenance

Since Hyvä completely replaces the default Magento 2 frontend, Magento updates do not directly affect the theme of the site. Thus, the maintenance work of the theme is simplified compared to that of a Luma-based site.

Tidycode specializes in developing Magento 2 based e-commerce sites with the Hyvä theme.

Do you want to create an e-commerce with Hyvä?

TIDYCODE is the ideal agency to create your ecommerce and get your online business off the ground.

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