Akeneo - Manage complex e-commerce catalogues
Akeneo - Manage complex e-commerce catalogues

If you manage an e-commerce, you know how difficult it is to manually manage and adapt the information of thousands or millions of products, which can vary in terms of attributes, images, languages, formats and much more.

For this reason, we present to you Akeneo, the Product Information Management (PIM) solution that allows you to easily manage and adapt your catalogs and complex products, improving the quality of your data and your operational efficiency.

What is Akeneo and how does it work

Akeneo it's a platform cloud-based which allows you to centralize, enrich, translate and distribute your product information across all your sales channels, both online and offline:

  • You can import your product data from different sources, such as Excel, CSV, XML or API files.
  • You can create a flexible structure for your catalogs and products by defining families, groups, variants, attributes, categories and associations.
  • You can enrich your product data with marketing, technical, logistics and multimedia information.
  • You can translate your product data into different languages ​using automatic or manual translation services.
  • You can distribute your product data across different sales channels, such as websites, marketplaces, social media, print catalogs, or physical outlets.
  • You can monitor the quality and completeness of your product data with analytics and reporting tools.

The advantages of Akeneo for your e-commerce

Akeneo offers you many advantages especially if you have complex catalogs and products:

  • You can increase the conversion and retention of your customers by offering them personalized, consistent and quality shopping experiences across all channels.
  • You can reduce the cost and time of managing your product data by automating manual and repetitive operations with rules, mass actions and workflows.
  • You can improve collaboration between the different teams involved in product data management by assigning roles, permissions and notifications.
  • You can expand your market and reach new customers with solutions for international e-commerce, such as management of currencies, taxes, shipping and local regulations.
  • You can integrate your platform with the main ERP, CRM, CMS and e-commerce systems on the market, thanks to an API-first architecture and a large ecosystem of technology partners.

Akeneo UI Example?

How to integrate Akeneo

If you want to take advantage of all the potential of Akeneo for your e-commerce, we advise you to rely on Tidycode, the agency specializing in the development and customization of Akeneo.

Contact us to find out how we can help you realize your e-commerce project with Akeneo.

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